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“Ah! You don’t know this?” Laughed the boys at her…

"We the boys of the 21st century, will never demean our female counterparts" said some of the self proclaimed 'modern' men.

But how educated were they of the true modernity?
They thought it to be about the equal treatment of all the sexes, gentle behaviour and chivalry towards women et cetera. And that's where the problem stood – The ignorance had made them 'Not-at-heart-gentlemen'!

Or else they wouldn't have laughed at their 25 year old woman-friend's question as simple as this – "What is a bank?".
After all who on earth wouldn't be knowing what a bank is? It was again time for her to face a little humiliation by being made fun of. Untill, this one true friend did not participate and rather tried and even managed to explain it to her.

Why did he do that? Why was it not as funny to him I wonder? Perhaps because he was a true gentleman. The one who knows that despite having a lot of freedom, the girls are still bound by 'action handcuffs' of the society.

Most of a female's childhood is still spent inside the premises of her house and if not, then somewhere in the vicinity. How many times are they allowed to be set free to explore the outside world and gain practical knowledge? Let's suppose that they are, but then this fear of stalkers, rapists and demeaners does not let them hold their heads high with curiosity on the road. Hence, it's natural that no one teaches them such things because they won't understand or that's none of their business!

It is therefore not astounding that the woman was unaware. Many of them are unaware about many such things, however simple they might seem to men.
Do we, the men, have any idea about the types of eye shadows available? No right? But how many times have we been giggled at by a group of women over such a silly question?

Have you ever wondered how, despite of not very well knowing the little practicalities of the world, are these girls able to achieve such remarkable heights? That's because not only invention, but necessity is also the mother of action. And their need of the hour is to have that freedom and recognition. They really want to explore the world beyond the walls. We must allow them!

A true gentleman would know the deep history behind a woman's upbringing in the society. He would never humiliate her and would rather help her evolve!

Life is a Scenery

Have you ever wondered what this "life" is?

It's nothing but a well composed scenery. Yes, trust me, it is as simple and beautiful!

Try to recall your childhood days when the teacher asked you to draw a scenery. What were the obvious things you drew? Probably, a range of mountains, rising/setting sun, trees, river, sky and clouds?
What if you were to relate these things with your own life? The blurred picture would become clearer. The seamless path would have a destination.
Still wondering how? Look at the picture again. What do you see?

Let's begin with the closest thing in the picture, the river. It is the inner self, which shows you your own reflection time and again. It tells you where you stand right now and urges you to think where you need to go, constantly asking you to learn from your mistakes.
The mountains are the perpetual complexities of life which are not as huge as you think. Remember, a mountain can be climbed over and it's not impossible to reach the peak!
Those trees that you see are your thoughts emotions and here, "you reap what you sow".
The sun is that energy, the light which is guiding you towards the sky and the sky, my dear, is your potential which has no limits whatsoever!
Have I missed something?
Yes, the ones we often forget, the clouds. They are your near and dear ones showering love upon you whenever you need. Be grateful to them!
The collection is now complete and Eventually, this wonderful collection makes the picture called "Life". You can add a lot to it but the fundamentals remain the same.
You, dear fellow, are the frame beholding this picture and I am certain that no frame wants to hold a blank or an awful picture.

Life is a scenery, make a beautiful one!

Freedom: the idea

It’s over 2:00 am in India right now and late nights like these tend to awaken the inner philosopher in me. How on earth then will I not be thinking of something we all want to achieve?
Freedom, the most subjective idea of human era I suppose, is the inbuilt desire of every organism. But can we actually define what freedom is? Will the definition be justified for anybody and everybody? Let’s try to find the answer with the help of a small instance.

There was this ant which was trying to climb a wall multiple times but was falling down everytime I put a barrier in its path. It was struggling hard to be free of the obstacle by changing directions, but was failing due to the hindrance caused by a “bigger animal”.
So does that define freedom for an ant as a path where there are no additional difficulties caused by outsiders? Or a world where there are no species superior to that of the ants? May be. However, the very idea of subjectivity can be well understood with the above example.
What is freedom for an ant might not be the same for a bird, or an elephant for that matter. Infact, the definition varies within the species, it is an extremely individualistic approach. It is very different for you and me. But the soul idea, ultimately, is to achieve contentment.

Hence, we all should strive for freedom and not let ourselves be bound by any subjection whatsoever. If you feel any kind of suffocation in doing what you are doing, think again, alter the circumstances, and even if that doesn’t help, breakfree!

Image Courtesy : Google